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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014


Blacks in Florida must Vote in 2014 with Facts and their Heart

It is less than two weeks and the Florida general election will be history. This is the mid-term election and traditionally Black Folks don’t vote, because they don’t understand the importance of every election. The mid-term election impacts everyone in our community, and we must be educated and aware of the candidates that are running for office. To start off, the governor of Florida is selected by the residents during the mid-term election, and there are gubernatorial debates and numerous articles to learn about their platform. The winner of thisRead More

Should Black Folks Support the Three Amendments in the November Election in Florida?

There has not been much discussion in the African American community about the proposed constitutional amendments in the election of 2014. These three amendments are very important to the direction of the state, and very few Black Folks have taken time to study and understand how they will impact our community. To begin with, everyone who is registered to vote must be aware that there are three amendments that are on the ballot in 2014 in Florida. The first amendment would direct funding toward the preservation of land and waterRead More

What Blacks and Floridians Don’t Know About Florida under Scott

Leadership matters in Florida, and Rick Scott and his administration for four years has not been honest with the residents of the state. The governor has tricked the residents into thinking that he cares about the quality of life in the state, but he is only concerned about creating more investments and wealth for his network of companies. From the very beginning he was only interested in the top 1 percent in the state, and with his money, he can buy off the support he needs to win an election.Read More