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February, 2015


Ex-NBA Player Anthony Mason Dies at 48

Anthony Mason, a one-time popular New York Knick who represented the city’s scrappy teams of the 1990s, died Saturday morning, according to the Washington Post. He was 48. Source: theroot

Dad Raising Quadruplets After Wife’s Death in Childbirth

A 29-year-old Phoenix man is raising his quadruplets after his wife died tragically last month after delivering the three girls and a boy she reportedly had worked hard to conceive, according to People magazine. Source: theroot

Man Celebrates 108th Birthday and 82 Years of Marriage to 104-Year-Old

Duranord Veillard knows a lot about longevity, but Saturday is a milestone for the record books. USA Today reports that not only will Veillard celebrate turning 108, he will also celebrate 82 years of marriage to his wife Jeanne, who is 104. Source: theroot

Congress Averts Partial Shutdown of Homeland Security

In a show of political gamesmanship, the U.S. House of Representatives late Friday approved a one-week spending measure to avert a partial shutdown of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Reuters reports. Source: theroot

Out of the Ferguson Riots Comes a Youth-Led Push to Close the Digital Divide

In August 2014 a white officer shot an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Mo., and the Internet was overrun with news accounts. Many people depended heavily on their phones and social media sites for updates. Vines, tweets, Instagram pictures and videos were shared at a breathtaking pace, giving everyone first-person access to what was happening with the protests that turned violent amid a police backlash. Source: theroot

HTGAWM Recap: We Finally Find Out Who Killed Lila. Great. But Who Killed … ?

Someone drape a prayer cloth over my legs because I still feel faint from all the twists, turns and masterfully crafted flashbacks in the How to Get Away With Murder two-hour season finale!   Source: theroot

1st Black NBA Player Earl Lloyd Dies at 86

In 1950 Earl Lloyd broke down racial barriers when he debuted in the NBA with the Washington Capitals. He was the first black player in the history of the NBA, and on Thursday the 86-year-old Lloyd passed away. Source: theroot

Atlanta Woman Brutally Beaten Over Hamburger

A 23-year-old Atlanta woman claims that three woman attacked her during a night of drinking, allegedly dragging, punching and kicking her and pulling her hair, and leaving her with two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a concussion. Source: theroot

According to a New Study, Blacks Are Losing Out to—Wait for It—African Americans

It’s not news that there’s often a racialized black tax associated with “black-sounding” names. You’re more likely to get called back for a job interview if you apply as Sarah Jones than you are as Tasha Jenkins. Some people try giving their kids less black-sounding names, but the reality is that latent racism can activate no matter what you do. Which is why a new study—about the power, even, of the ways in which we verbally describe people of color—is so compelling and distressing. Forget about names—just being identified asRead More

Black Waiters Sue TGI Fridays for Hiring ‘Light-Skinned Workers’ and Hispanics

Ten former waiters at a New York TGI Fridays are accusing the franchise of racism and colorism, saying that when their location closed, the company hired “light-skinned workers” who were mostly Hispanic to replace them at the new location, according to the New York Daily News. Source: theroot