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March, 2015


1st Black Female to Pilot the Cool Spy Plane That Captures Intelligence for US Leaders

In order for Navy SEAL teams to hunt down terrorists, or for foreign policy analysts to track the movement of WMDs—or to detect whether Iran is, in fact, developing a nuclear weapons program—our leaders rely on special pilots to capture that type of intelligence through the use of spy-plane cameras. Source: theroot

Ala. Mom Calls Out Rude Daughters on Facebook and Seeks Out Moviegoer They Disrespected

Rudeness will not be tolerated in Kyesha Smith Wood’s Alabama household, even if it occurs in a public space like a movie theater—and even it happens when Wood, a mother of three, is not there. Source: theroot

Teen Cancer Survivor Gets Surprise Prom Makeover From Celebrity Hairstylist

When Hannah Tate, 18, sent celebrity hairstylist Tokyo Stylez a message on Instagram asking him to make her a wig for her prom, she had no idea that Stylez would be at her doorstep Saturday, the day of her prom, with a full glam team in tow, ready to treat Tate, a cancer survivor, to a complete makeover, Yahoo reports. Source: theroot

How a 4-Foot-4 Bodybuilder and 6-Foot-3 Transgender Woman Found Love 

Floridian Anton Kraft, 52, is one of the strongest men in the world. He is 4 feet 4 inches tall and can lift four times his body weight, having bench pressed over 500 pounds. Source: theroot

NY Mom Allegedly Smothers 20-Month-Old Son to Death in Restaurant Bathroom

A 35-year-old New York mother walked into a bathroom inside a Midtown Manhattan burger spot and smothered her 20-month-old son to death, refusing to let restaurant workers attempt to revive the boy, according to police and witnesses who spoke to the New York Daily News. Source: theroot

Cop Who Put Eric Garner in Choke Hold Is Being Sued for Allegedly Causing a Car Accident

Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City police officer who administered a fatal choke hold to Eric Garner last summer, is being sued for a different incident involving a man named Leonardo Aguirre, the New York Daily News reports.  Source: theroot

Dear Racists, We Don't Owe You Our Forgiveness

Last week Levi Pettit, one of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon balladeers who was busted singing a rousing number about anti-black terrorism, held a press conference during which he made a public relations statement disguised as an apology. Source: theroot

Mich. Dad Inadvertently Eats Daughter’s Pot-Laced Brownies and Is Rushed to the ER

It all started as an innocuous grab for some delicious-looking brownies that a Michigan dad saw laid out in his home Wednesday morning. Source: theroot

Chicago Mayor’s Race: Rahm Emanuel Takes a Few Jabs, but He’s Still Standing

Incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel sat through the second of Chicago’s three runoff debates looking as if he needed to pinch himself while trying not to look as if he wanted to punch his opponent’s lights out. Source: theroot

Celebrating 75 Years of John Lewis in Atlanta

“If there were no airplanes, I would have walked across America to be here tonight to sing the praise song to John Lewis,” began Alfre Woodard, the night’s first speaker for the “Portraits of John Lewis: Celebrating the 75th Birthday” festivities at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Saturday. Source: theroot