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June, 2015


NY Man, Jailed at Rikers at 17, Still Waiting for Trial 7 Years Later 

Some 2,423 days have gone by since one New York City man has tasted freedom. Source: theroot

Local NAACP Chapter Postpones Rachel Dolezal’s Statement After Racial-Identity Controversy

A much-anticipated statement from Spokane, Wash., NAACP President Rachel Dolezal has been postponed pending further discussion with regional and national leaders, according to NBC News. Source: theroot

San Antonio Elects Its 1st African-American Mayor

Voters in San Antonio have elected their first African-American mayor. Ivy Taylor, who was serving as interim mayor, won Saturday’s runoff with 52 percent of the vote, Reuters reports. It was a surprising victory against a popular Hispanic candidate in a Hispanic-majority city. Source: theroot

Watch: Ky. Police Officer Fatally Shoots an African Immigrant

Louisville, Ky., Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad is defending an officer who fatally shot a man on Saturday. He plans to launch an internal investigation into the shooting, which black activists say did not require lethal force, the Associated Press reports. Source: theroot

Let’s Not Question Blackness Because a White Woman Says So

I’ve spent much of the last few days crying real tears over black Twitter’s brilliant and hilarious responses to Rachel Dolezal’s shenanigans—seriously, search #AskRachel and #RachelDolezal if you need a pick-me-up. Source: theroot

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Close Income Gap in NYC Speech

During her biggest campaign event to date in New York City, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday pledged to close the widening gap between the rich and poor in the U.S., reports The New York Times. Source: theroot

Michael Sam Leaves Canadian Football Training Camp for Personal Reasons

Michael Sam, who made history when he became the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL in 2014, has left the training camp for a Canadian football team for personal reasons, reports USA Today. Source: theroot

Watch: CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Under Fire for Calling Dallas Attacker ‘Brave’

In an apparent gaffe while discussing a wild shootout at Dallas Police headquarters that left a suspect dead, CNN’s weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield called his actions “courageous and brave.” Source: theroot

Report: No Proof Cleveland Cop Warned Tamir Rice Before Fatal Playground Shooting

The Cleveland Police Department has claimed that an officer “shouted verbal command” from inside his patrol car before fatally shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice on playground in November, but witness interviews do not support the statement, according to a report released Saturday by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, reports CNN. Source: theroot

How Michael Cole Went From a Jail Cell to Selling Ice Cream With Hip-Hop-Inspired Flavors

The East Village neighborhood in New York City is chock-full of small bars and nightclubs that are destinations for people from far and wide, so it’s never a surprise to see a crowd spilling onto the sidewalk. Source: theroot