3 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Plasma Cutter

3 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Plasma Cutter

Metal fabrication is backbreaking work. Fabricators must handle heavy pieces of equipment while staying hyper-focused to ensure their safety. Luckily, metal shop employees have tools at their disposal to make their jobs easier. One machine they can use is a plasma cutter. This article discusses critical mistakes to avoid when using a plasma cutter that every metalworker should know.

Ignoring Safety Tips

Shop employees must concentrate when operating a plasma cutter because any slip-up could cause an injury. Not only do metalworkers have to be focused, but they must also follow certain safety tips when using a plasma cutter laid out by various shops. Supervisors should supply employees that’ll keep themselves protected while using the device. Not offering this type f of protective equipment will make the shop liable to lawsuits. What’s more, fabricators must be trained on how to use the machines so that no accidents occur on the floor.

Not Making Adjustments

Workers should always prioritize their safety amongst all else. Yet, another vital mistake to avoid when using a plasma cutter is not making the right adjustments when switching out cutting material. Folks must make the correct changes to account for the thickness and smoothness of the sheet metal. If people treated every piece of sheet metal the same, the quality of the cut will be affected and will not as precise as it could be. Thus, workers should look things over after every job is completed.

No Preventative Maintenance

Many machine shops use plasma cutters every day. Since their workload is so high, they use the machines without double-checking how the machine’s components are working. Shops can’t ignore preventative maintenance if they want their plasma cutters to be usable in the future. By not replacing the consumables and other essential parts, workers will effectively run the tool into the ground. Shop owners should know that buying an entirely new plasma cutter is much more costly than conducting a quick repair.

Plasma cutters allow workers to create angles and bends that are impossible to make by hand. Since the machines are so flexible, they significantly increase a shop’s efficiency. However, that increased production rate will be slowed down if workers make avoidable mistakes while operating the devices. That’s why fabricators should follow the advice laid out in this piece so that your plasma cutters run smoothly.