3 of Our Favorite Interior Design Themes for Fall

3 of Our Favorite Interior Design Themes for Fall

We all love fall. We love the chill in the air, the aesthetics of nature, and the cozy nature of a night that falls darker more quickly. The best part about the season is how easy it is to find something to love—something to home in on and explore. Some people turn to horror movies. Others turn to foliage hunting. And others still use this time to refine their space at home.

We have some tips for those of you who use this beautiful season to make your home equally as stunning. Rather than leaning into the often-overdone decorations of Halloween, use the tones of the season to incorporate some other design themes. How can you add an autumn twist to a beachy theme? We’ll give you the answer to that and detail some other interior design themes for fall below!

Autumn Rustic

Autumn is the perfect time to lean into rustic design themes. The general color palette of the season works wonderfully with rustic pieces. But how exactly do you get there? There are a few different big-picture ways you can give your home a rustic look—adding wood paneling and rustic paint jobs are the big ones.

But if you’re looking for a smaller way to transform, look to your fireplace. Use the mantel for your autumn décor; pull from colorful leaves, hang dried flowers, and embrace that “duller” color that can still look vibrant with the right styling. Head to a few antique shops to get some even more rustic pieces to transform your space.

Fall Beach Scene

If you have some beachy items in your space already, you don’t have to get rid of them to embrace the season change. In fact, it’s as simple as adjusting and refining the color choices you’ve made. If your bathroom is full of the bright lightness of the beach, switch it over to some heavier towels and some deeper colors and tones—think dusk at the beach, rather than daybreak.

One of the best ways to transform your space for fall involves textures, so add some chunkier, thicker pieces to your beachy areas, and you’ll make the space seem a bit warmer.

Nature’s Inspiration

Like we said, autumn is a beautiful time—use that for your design. Make your home a greenhouse. Embrace lighter walls and then bring color in through plant life and artwork. We love the idea of colorful dried flowers, living flowers in each room, big green plants in each corner, and even little corn husks and dried hay for small design touches.

Bring the beauty of fall foliage into your home. Just take a look at the scene outside your window and see if you can recreate that in the home through plants, textures, and color choices.

These are just a few of our favorite interior design themes for the fall. Try them out and see how inviting your space turns with just a few special touches.