4 Different Applications of Metal Fabrication

4 Different Applications of Metal Fabrication

Put simply, metal fabrication is any process for turning raw metals into a specific shape with certain qualities. It enables engineers to take advantage of metal’s toughness and durability in ways that weren’t possible before. The uses here are wide, maybe too numerous to count. That said, here are four different applications of metal fabrication to give you a sense of its importance.

Industrial Power Production

Outside of the public eye, metal fabrication is an integral tool for building and maintaining power plants. Parts ranging from fine-tuned turbine blades to pipes need to come from metal fabrication in order to secure optimum efficiencies.

There are several types of welding services for industrial fabrication that welders have at their disposal to cater to all kinds of material needs. Because power plants have a wide range of machinery, all of these methods are useful for keeping parts in good shape.

Commercial Construction

Meanwhile, fabrication also supplies the construction industry with solid foundational materials. Beams, platforms, supports, and many more metal features provide architects with the tools to create sound, innovative, and attractive structures that will last.

Personal Tech

Another metal fabrication application, personal tech, is a bit different. Rather than manipulating raw metal to support large facilities, some companies fabricate ever-shrinking parts that make up the phone or computer you’re reading this with. The key here is a combo of strength and compactness. In fact, our devices would not be quite so portable without metal fabrication techniques that kept up with technological changes.


Rounding out this list is the aerospace industry. Though designing pipes that can tackle repeated exposure to extreme heat is tough, aerospace projects trump them easily. To maintain structural integrity at high pressures, airplanes need streamlined fabricated bodies.

Ships meant for space are even more of a challenge—fabricated parts must provide a tight barrier against the vacuum of space while holding up to extreme heat upon entering and exiting the atmosphere.

Beyond these four, metal fabrication also plays a big role in mining, farming, building cargo ships, and many other industries.