4 Shocking Things That Could Be Hurting Your Sleep

4 Shocking Things That Could Be Hurting Your Sleep

Are you tossing and turning for seemingly no reason? Numerous things could be hurting your sleep, and we’re sharing a few of them below.

Culprit #1: Your Bedroom

Many people think they can utilize their bedrooms as home offices and entertainment spaces. However, if you want to sleep quickly and peacefully, you need to create an environment that’ll encourage you to rest. For example, invest in blackout curtains, and make sure you always have soft and clean sheets on your bed. Also, nobody particularly enjoys waking up in the middle of the night because they’re sweaty. To promote deep sleep, err on the side of a cool room.

Culprit #2: Quick Cat Naps

Nodding off for a little while sounds harmless, right? Unfortunately, quick naps tend to turn into long naps, which can make you feel groggy—especially if they’re longer than twenty minutes. To ensure you’ll sleep better at night, consider toughing out your daytime tiredness if possible. However, if you absolutely need to nap, keep it short.

Culprit #3: Overeating

A big dinner before bed—not to mention the pint of ice cream and bag of chips afterward—all sound great in theory, but you’ll likely feel uncomfortable once you lie down. Plus, when you’re in bed, your body needs to prepare for sleep, not digest food. If you want to avoid that not-so-great feeling, consider eating two to three hours before you decide to turn in for the night.

Culprit #4: A Racing Mind

Your thoughts are probably one of the biggest things that could be hurting your sleep. First, find ways to wind down your brain before bed—perhaps you can crack open a good book or shut off your phone an hour before you plan to crawl under the sheets. You should also think about your alcohol and caffeine intake, as both beverages can disrupt your sleep. If you discover that you rely on these drinks a little more than you should, swap your afternoon coffee or nightcap for a cup of herbal tea.

By recognizing these sleep culprits, you can take steps toward improving your bedtime routine. Good luck, and we hope you have sweet dreams!