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A Community Thrives Proposal – Healthcare Service Initiative for the Elderly Elderly Compassionate Care





L to R: Corendia Tinsley, Reverend Nathaniel Harris and Teri Jones

by Teri Jones

     Elderly Compassionate Care is a healthcare service program administered by the Macedonia Education Technology and Career Academy (METCA). METCA provides funding for workforce training for its low socio-economic community. The primary sources of funding come from community partnerships, donations, grants and scholarships.  Through Elderly Compassionate Care METCA will help fund training for CNAs and HHAs, which is a growing demand in Brevard County and nationwide.
Elderly Compassionate Care, a program associated with the Macedonia Education Technology and Career Academy submitted for USA Today’s “A Community Thrives” grant competition to receive funding to provide scholarships for Home Health Aide and Certified Nursing Assistant training! This grant offers the potential for an award of $100,000 or $50,000.
In order to bring this funding into our community for this much-needed training, help is vital. Finalists are determined by the number of votes received for their video submission. Voting opened on April 12th and closes on May 12th.  Individuals can vote one time per day. The video is located at the following link:
Please mark your calendars to support this effort each day of the voting period so that this funding may be awarded to Brevard County citizens who seek employment as HHAs and CNAs but do not have the financial ability to access the training.  The grant award will provide training for HHAs and CNAs resulting in meeting the demand for elderly care.   The dissemination of this link to your professional and personal networks as you deem appropriate would be greatly appreciated.  By working together, communities nationwide can make this happen.

If you have any questions regarding the Elderly Compassionate Care initiative, please contact Teri Jones at


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