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The Dove Ad Is What Happens When ‘Diversity’ Is Just A Buzzword

Using black people in ads without considering our history is an all-too-common mistake. Source: Black Voices

Jeff Sessions’ DOJ Effectively Killed An Obama-Era Police Reform Program

“I think this was obviously a decision not to engage in police reform,” says the former head of the Justice Department’s COPS Office. Source: Black Voices

16-Year-Old Crowned As The First Black Miss Illinois Teen USA In History

Sydni Dion Bennett is black girl magic! ✨ Source: Black Voices

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Says The American Left ‘Is Creating Its Own Decline’

“The left is very cannibalistic. It eats its own.” Source: Black Voices

Dove ‘Regrets’ Soap Ad Showing Black Woman Turning Into White Woman

“I really would like to know who exactly had a seat at the table making this decision.” Source: Black Voices

Student Gets Suspended For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance

Senior India Landry and her family have filed a lawsuit against Cypress Fairbanks ISD school district in Houston. Source: Black Voices

Ava DuVernay Says She Regrets Giving Up On ‘Selma’ Writing Credit

“It’s the only time in the industry I feel I really betrayed myself.” Source: Black Voices

J.T. Brown Becomes First NHL Player To Protest During National Anthem This Season

The Tampa Bay Lightning forward said he raised his fist on Saturday to “show my support” and “bring a little more awareness.” Source: Black Voices

Harvey Weinstein And The Danger Of Performative ‘Wokeness’

Being a public progressive doesn’t preclude you from being a private creep. Source: Black Voices

This Is Not A Drill: Jessica Williams Cast In ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel

So THIS is what pure joy feels like. Source: Black Voices