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Blacks in Florida must Vote in 2014 with Facts and their Heart

It is less than two weeks and the Florida general election will be history. This is the mid-term election and traditionally Black Folks don’t vote, because they don’t understand the importance of every election. The mid-term election impacts everyone in our community, and we must be educated and aware of the candidates that are running for office.
To start off, the governor of Florida is selected by the residents during the mid-term election, and there are gubernatorial debates and numerous articles to learn about their platform. The winner of this race will determine the direction and the administration’s policy for the next four years. Many Black folks will complain about the governor’s policies, but many registered African Americans are too apathetic to show up at the ballot to vote.
There are 2.3 million Black folks registered to vote in Florida, and if 80% of 2.3 million vote, there would be 1.8 million voting Democrats. If 80% of Black folks voted in every election, both candidates would spend time and resources to win the African American vote.
Also during the mid-term elections, the state’s leadership cabinet is voted for, and that includes, the Governor, the Attorney General, The Chief Financial Officer, and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. These positions are extremely powerful in the state, and they impact residents almost every day with their decisions.
Florida Black voters should have no excuses for not participating in the election in 2014. Deidre McNab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida says, “The key to our state’s future is in every voter’s hands. Critical issues are at stake from the Governor’s race to our next Legislature.

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