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Brevard County’s 2016 Principal of the Year

DSCN5293Mr. Rachad Wilson

Brevard County’s 2016


Brevard County’s 2016 “Principal of the Year”, Rachad Wilson, was surprised with a celebration at the home of his mother, Alberta Wilson, on Saturday, August 6, 2016. There were many well-wishers who celebrated with Mr. Wilson. Some shared their story of his evolution to this honorable achievement. There was a variety of guests, from teachers to school board administrators to city officials, family, friends, and acquaintances who all joined in to congratulate the honoree. Members of the staff at Endeavor Elementary also showed up in support of their principal.

The Principal of Cocoa High School, Dr. Stephanie Soliven, was the person who submitted Mr. Wilson’s name for this honor. Mr. Wilson humbly showed his appreciation for those who helped him along his journey. He shared stories about how people such as Cindy VanMeter, now retired, gave him encouragement and tough love when it was necessary. From the myriad of knowledge he received along the way, he recognized that it does, in fact, take a village and that village has kept him grounded along the way. Others he recognized included Dr.Soliven and retired Area Superintendent of Student Services, Betty Dunn.

People addressed themselves as his white mother, his Spanish mother, his sister from another mother and his spiritual mother. Ms. Ruth Williams, who has known him from childhood and watched him grow up in the church, said that he maintains those Christian roots; but above all, he started in a home with parents that pushed him to live up to his potential and from those beginnings, Mr. Wilson made it with his own drive and determination.

Rachad Wilson took on an assignment at a school in an area where there are many challenges. Endeavour Elementary, A Community School, has not always been seen in the best light; but under the leadership of Principle Wilson, without a doubt, Endeavour has made tremendous progress. He believes strongly that the children at Endeavour are capable and can, in fact, achieve. The children have encouragement from someone who cares about them and they have shown that caring does make a difference.

Principal Wilson is the husband of Andrea Wilson and father to daughters, Madison and Morgan. Please join the Ebony News Today family in congratulating the Brevard County Public Schools 2016 “Principal of the Year”, Mr. Rachad Tuan Wilson.



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