Brevard Zoo Has A NEW BABY

klipspringer calfSeptember 3, 2020 – The Brevard Zoo is celebrating the birth of its newest and pint-sized baby, a klipspringer calf.  They welcomed the klipspringer, born on August 23  to four-year-old mom Deborah.

Shortly after arriving into the world, the zoo’s veterinary team performed a neonatal exam on the calf, who was determined to be a male and appeared to be in good health. The as-yet-unnamed newborn was sired by five-year-old Ajabu.

The youngster—who will weigh between 18 to 40 pounds as an adult—will spend several weeks bonding with his mother in a behind-the-scenes area before transitioning into public view.

Klipspringer have specialized hooves that measure the same diameter as a dime as adults, and they use their incredible climbing and jumping abilities that help them evade predators like leopards, caracals and eagles. Klipspringer can live for up to 18 years in human care.

You can look forward to seeing the calf in the klipspringer habitat in Expedition Africa in a few weeks!

Learn all about this tiny, adorable new arrival: here


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