Empowerment Soulutions

By: Sonya Mallard

If you never met a woman named, Jilliane Brayboy, please let me introduce you to her. Yes, she is a wife, mother of two beautiful little young ladies, and a business woman, but there is so much more to her. She is an Amazing Empowerment Coach. Let me bring you into her world of coaching.

See, God spoke to Jilliane one day and charged her to create Empowerment Soulutions, Inc. to help 5,000 Christian Mothers and Women of Faith to overcome negative mindsets about themselves through teaching practical applications of the word of God. She is an ordained Minister who for years struggled with negative thoughts of self-worth, but God showed her how to find her way out to find joy, peace, and continued happiness. This is exactly why she was charged to create Empowerment Soulutions.

She is able to take you through the necessary steps to restoring your confidence and joy by the word of God, but more importantly she will be using webinars, tutorials, trainings and tools that God has provided her with to share with you. It’s not what you think about yourself that matters; it’s what God has already said and established in his word about you that settles WHO YOU REALLY ARE. We can all admit that there have been times when the storm was brewing and we didn’t know when the sun would shine again. Now, some of us found that sunshine but there are still many today, as quiet as it is kept that are fighting the storm with no umbrella!

Jilliane have brand new confessions that you can use to activate your faith and boldly speak positive words, based on scripture over your life to encourage confidence and eradicate fear. What these confessions represent…God’s desire to have you think and speak what he says about you. She created these confessions so that you can speak over yourself what God says about you. The more you speak, the more your ears will hear it and your mind will begin to receive it. Are you ready for a change? Are you at the point in life where you need to be reminded about the promises of God and what he has planned for you? Have you had enough of not living out your full potential? Do you want to really leave a legacy for your children?

If you feel Empowerment Soulutions is speaking to your soul or if you know someone who can benefit from Jilliane Brayboy coaching, please contact her at empowermentsoulutions@yahoo.com or visit her website for more information at www.empowersoulinc.com. Remember, Empowerment Soulutions is designed to empower Christian Mothers and all Mothers to learn their value and authority in Christ.