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FAMU College Tour – Fun for All Macedonia’s College Prep Soarers Program Leaps into Action

Transporting fifty-plus high school students on a bus for five hours to Tallahassee may not be the ideal Saturday outing for most adults, but on Saturday, March 30, 2019 not only was it the ideal day-trip for the College Prep Soarers Executive Director, but it was also supported by six parent chaperons. This was the first year that a college tour was organized for community youth, and it tremendously support by Pastor Nathaniel Harris of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Harris provided each student and chaperon, breakfast, lunch and dinner and covered the majority of the transportation cost. Youth were invited to attend this first annual college tour from North, Central and South Brevard. Flyers on the college tour to FAMU were posted at community churches and throughout many of the Brevard County high schools.
Most of the buzz about going to FAMU was the opportunity for high school students to experience the FAMU Spring Preview. Upon arrival, students were greeted by college students and swept away on a campus walking tour. The energy on the campus was high, and the mood was festive. One could not but help get immersed in the FAMU spirit. Students eagerly but patiently waited to purchase FAMU tee-shirts, polo shirts and other paraphernalia. Immediately following the walking-tour, students assembled into the gymnasium for the formal presentation from the college president and student services department directors. However, it was the marching band that stole the show. Shouts of glee and dancing moves, only familiar to a “Rattler” spurred through the gymnasium and created an energy of its own. By now, everyone was charged for more excitement, as well as hungry. The Macedonia group took a trip to the dining hall after the final marching band presentation and ate to their heart’s content. Thank you again, Pastor Harris. Daylight was still on the horizon, and there were plenty of things to do after lunch. Some students sat through some of the scrimmage football game, others walked around the tented area that had more vendors and live entertainment, while others purchased FAMU spirit attire until their piggy-banks went empty. Miss Navy of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church shared, “I’m going to be a dual-enrolled student this year, so I am so happy to see what college life is like. My friends and I really enjoyed this college tour.”
This is an initiative the College Preps Soarers Program of Macedonia plans to host annually. Although the college tour locations may change, the spirit of being a part of a college tour will not. High school students who are interested in participating in a college preparation program may contact (321) 626-6571 for further information.