Hacks for Keeping Your Car Interior from Getting Dirty

Hacks for Keeping Your Car Interior from Getting Dirty

The average American spends about 432 hours a year in their car. That is plenty of time for coffee to tip, for that bag of chips to fly out of your kids’ hands, and for odds and ends to accumulate in the back seat. While the inevitable car messes help us refine our car interior detailing skills, it would be nice to stop the messes before they begin. Fortunately, with these hacks for keeping your car interior from getting dirty, you can do just that.

Trash Can

Walt Disney once observed that the average visitor of an amusement park would only hold on to a piece of trash for thirty feet before they got sick of holding it and dropped it. Because of that, he made sure that trash cans were placed strategically every thirty feet. You are most likely going to travel a little further than thirty feet in your car, so it’s best to keep a trash can on hand for both you and anyone you may be driving around.


It’s amazing how much accumulates in a cupholder other than cups. And the longer the loose change, crumbs, and garbage sit in the cupholder, the more they become cemented to the surface. And it’s not exactly easy to wipe down a cupholder. One trick for cleaning a cupholder out is to soak a sock in all-purpose cleaner, put the sock on a cup, and then put the cup in the holder and twist it. Then when it’s clean, put a cupcake liner in the cupholder. It will catch all the junk before it cements itself to your cupholders and make it far easier to clean out.

Car Floors

A lot of outside travels inside your car on your passengers’ feet. This is especially true if you live by the beach. If you have sandy feet constantly running in and out of your car, consider keeping a rolled-up towel in the car for people to wipe off their feet. If a little more than sand is ending up on your floors, consider investing in waterproof floor mats that you can rinse off with a hose.

Seal Up Cracks Between Seats

The crevice between the seat and the center console is like a black hole determined to suck in cell phones, keys, and kids’ toys. Or worse—food that will roll between the seat, mold over, and stink up your car. But you can’t drop something in the space between the seats if there is no space between the seats. You can now buy seals that you can put between the seat and center console to keep things from falling in. Or, if you want to save some money, roll up a towel or slip a piece of cardboard in the spot.

Keeping your car from getting dirty may seem like an impossible job. And, well, it is. Life happens, but it’s our hope that these tips will help prepare your car for all the little bumps along the way.