Hurricane Dorian

By – Alberta K. Wilson

The devastation of the Bahamas and its surrounding islands by Hurricane Dorian has reminded us of just how blessed we Floridians are. It was only by the mercy of God that we were spared. We must not take this for granted, what happened to our sisters and brothers in Abaco, Grand Bahamas and surrounding areas, if not for the mercy of God could have very well been us. The devastation and catastrophic impact that Hurricane Dorian caused to these Islands will be felt for a long long time, if not forever for some. Particularly those who lost loved ones. The Pastor of Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church, Elder Drodney Williams appealed to church members to donate nonperishables, the items received was in abundance and ran the gamut. Everything one can imagine, to include paper goods (paper towels and toilet paper) toiletries, clothing, baby foods, pampers, canned Vienna sausages and fruits, spam, sardines, peanut butter and jelly, just to name a few things. Two microwave ovens that was still in the box was even donated. This out pouring of generosity gave new meaning to the scripture, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Zion’s brothers in the persons of deacons, Thomas Ford, Herman Williams, Gene Williams, Clarence Jones, as well as Trustees, Garfield Neely and Cliff Strozier were out in near full force. These men of God performed an awesome humanitarian service of packing and loading the church’s vans with goods for delivery to Airmobile Ministries at TICO Airport which would be delivered to our sister and brothers on the Islands. Accompanying the many items, we had shipped to the island were checks from both the Democratic Women’s Club of Central Brevard and the Space Coast Chapter of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. We are forever reminded that, “you can’t beat God giving, no matter how you try…”

The human loss in those islands are staggering and beyond our comprehension, but hopefully in some small way this small humanitarian effort made a difference. Your continued prayer for the people of the Bahamas and the surrounding islands, we ask.