Lifetime of Service

By: Sonya Mallard

Every Sunday morning, you will find Pastor Joe Robinson in the pulpit at Antioch Christian Fellowship at 605 S Hopkins Avenue in Titusville, Florida teaching the Word of God. It’s fair to say, that no matter if a person is in need of assistance, looking for a job, or a senior who is in need of home renovations, Mr. Robinson will ensure that he listens and direct them to a solution that will always bring a smile to the persons face. Quite simply, this is Mr. Joe Robinson. A man who cares about his community, and cares about the people who are living there.

In 1997, he came out of retirement from the United States Coast Guard to work for North Brevard Charities. He brought a wealth of experience from his humanitarian efforts in developing countries, and he brought vision. North Brevard Charities is one of the sought-after charity organization in Brevard County. Their services include affordable and transitional housing for low to moderate income families, assist with rent, food, prescription medications, and emergency dental care. There is so much that Robinson finds for his hands to do, and we must not forget to mention the Carter House. The Carter family donated the home to North Brevard Charities where Robinson saw the vision of the home housing the Boys and Girls Club across from Blanton Park. A place of solitude, information, learning, and exploring while safely playing in the park. The home is presently being renovated and tentatively scheduled for fall.

What else could a man who is this busy possibly be up to?

This is the time that Robinson will be bringing Wisdom of the Past and Blend with the Technology of today. He is running for Titusville City Council Seat 3. For many years, he heard the cries of many in the community, professional organizations, woods, and on the streets. Robinson states that we are experiencing many of the results of technological advancements in our city today. We are plagued with the lack of ability to meet and resolve many age-old community challenges, technology alone, without wisdom and experience applied equally, will not work. Robinson feels that it is time to bring Wisdom back to the forefront as we move to the future. As our candidate for City Council Seat 3, Robinson will be actively listening to the community, as he asks for your vote for us to use wisdom together to move Titusville forward. As many know, Robinson is a family man who enjoys life with his family and church family. He and his wife, Janette, have four children and nine grandchildren.

For information about supporting his candidacy or sending Mr. Joe Robinson a donation, please send your donation to:

Joe Robinson

P.O. Box 542

Titusville, Fl 32781-0542