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Love was On Display at The Change the Game Holiday Gala 2017

By Roger Caldwell—On Point Media Group

Orlando, Majestic Center —This is the third holiday gala organized by Changing the Game for a New Generation and its Founder/President Dr. Sydel LeGrande. The purpose of this gala is to provide families who have been impacted by the death of a parent or sibling due to street violence, or a parent incarcerated by crime, with an incredible magical evening. The African American community has been impacted by Black on Black violence, and Dr. LeGrande has chosen her life’s work to make a difference in thousands of Black children’s’ lives.

At this gala, the 7 identified families and 23 children were picked up by a limousine, and they received their dream gift from supporters and sponsors, who believe in the vision. As tears of joy streamed down many of the children and parents faces, everyone there knew they were making a difference. Holidays should be filled with memories that last a lifetime, and the children and parents at this gala were blessed, and will remember this gala for the rest of their lives.

The mission of Changing the Game for a New Generation is to arrest the cycle of violent crimes in the Black community, and its focus is on our children, because we believe that they are the greatest change agents for our future communities. The impetus of the organization is to bring a generational solution to a generational problem.

A special thank you to the children, parents, and families, who were the dream gift recipients of 2017. The holiday gala is a short term healing process, and Dr. LeGrande and her team would like to thank everyone who participated and attended the gala. Your presence speaks volumes about your commitment to working and seeing our families grow stronger, and become solidified.

This event would not be possible without the partnership and sponsorship of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioners at your Service, Orlando Commissioner Samuel Ings, Rosa Rountree, Diane Talbert, Phi Beta Sigma, Cora Miles Lee, and the Judah Church.

Go to the website: and learn more about the long term solution, Project-I.A.M.- inspiring amazing minds. The project is a pilot program with specialty trained teachers with an academic enrichment and personal development curriculum. Our community and you can help by sponsoring a student; become a community partner, or volunteer your time.

Senior Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center and 20 volunteer church members were instrumental in every aspect of making the gala a success, including sponsoring a family, providing financial resources, hosting and helping to serve the food. The entertainment was fabulous, and the Kumba Dancers mentally and spiritually took us back to the Motherland.

As the audience left this gala, and experienced the work that Dr. LeGrande and her team is doing every day, we all understand why we must be our Brother’s Keeper. Join us and be part of the solution.

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