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Malik Clark Inspires Others Through Music and Faith

By Nick Samuel and Photos contributed by Malik Clark


Three years ago, Malik Clark attempted suicide at his family’s home in Jensen Beach as he dealt with family financial issues, high school debt and a toxic relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Now, Clark, 21, uses his music to inspire people to get closer to God and to overcome adversity. “I was given a second chance. You never know what people are going through,” said Clark, who now lives in Stuart. “Our problems don’t define us, but refine us. We get strength from them.”

A doctor at St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie diagnosed Clark with bi-polar depression shortly after the suicide attempt, he said. He spoke about suicide prevention to a class of students at his high school shortly after the incident and to a crowd of more than 3,000 at the Manifestations Worldwide Church Conference in 2015.

In a couple months, Clark will be working toward earning a Master’s degree in criminal justice from Florida State University; but music will always be his first passion, he said. Clark plays the keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, drums and tenor saxophone. He is also a singer. The musician said he has played at local venues such as Terra Fermata, The Crafted Keg, SneakiTiki and the Clarion Inn. He usually wears a beanie hat, nose ring and a guitar with a strap over his left shoulder. “Before I perform, I’m always anxious about the first note,” Clark said. “It’s like facing all of your fears.” He said music has taught him how to be a good performer and how to be himself. “It’s all about passion. You have to give your all to perform,” Clark said. “That’s why we listen to music- – to get lost. If I’m singing the right note, I forget everyone’s there.” The musician also has performed in different states such as Colorado and California. He said he shares his testimony during his performance sets at these different venues about how he found God after the attempted suicide. “That’s what being a Christian is about — knowing you’re not perfect,” Clark said.

Clark said he has played the guitar since he was three years old. He played the guitar and other instruments while at Stuart Middle School and Jensen Beach High School. He said his grand- dad, who sang for a local soul funk band, bought him his first acoustic and electric guitars. As Clark got older, he said he began reading music books and played by ear until he learned how to read chords and sheet music.

Clark said he attends Revive Church in Stuart. He said Jesus’ love has taught him how to love himself and others. “You can’t love others until you love yourself,” Clark said. “God loves everybody, no matter what you do or have done. If he gives you a chance, take it.”


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