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Missionary Hattitude Luncheon at Greater Allen Chapel A.M.E.

By Ralph T. Newell

Hats, Hats, Hats and more Hats equal a “Hattitude with a positive Attitude” when combined with a Spiritual flow and fun galore. The E.M. Williams Missionary Society of Greater Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, 2416 Lipscomb St., Melbourne, had persons strutting their stuff at its Annual Hattitude Luncheon Saturday, October 13th. Ms. Jennifer Buggs of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Presided.
The event began with the singing of “What a Fellowship” led by Ms. Mildred Washington, Prayer by Mother Leila Loyd and the welcome and occasion by Mrs. Gracie Utendahl-Newell. The King and Queen of the Hattitude was presented by Mrs. Earlene Shepherd. The King, Mr. Jonnie Wright and the Queen Mrs. Elester Wright were crowned. Each has exemplified Christ by visiting the sick and shut-ins and providing leadership in Church School and other activities of Greater Allen. King Wright is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Armed Forces and Queen Wright is a retired educator with 42 years of service.
Lunch was served followed by a Gospel Medley by Mrs. Netisha Thornelat of Shiloh A.M.E. Church, Mims, Florida. Mrs. LaShandra M. Tucker-Abel, Missionary President, presented the Missionary Community Service Award to Mr. Joel Best, of Greater Allen. He is one who will help at the Church and throughout the Community when there is a need. Mr. Best assists persons who are less fortunate and those who just need a helping hand.
Now it was time for the Festival of Hattitude to begin and Ms. Verdell Shackleford presented youth and adults to spring into action with “Hattitude Attitude” as Hats were displayed by members from Greater Allen and other Churches. The styles and profiles were set by the youth as they demonstrated how it is done. Shortly thereafter the adults strutted, sauntered and sashayed with grace and beauty.
Mrs. Maleka Tooten Campbell was the Co-Chairperson and she and her committee were commended by Mrs. Lutricia Laws, Local Missionary advisor and Rev. Lorenzo Laws, Pastor. Pastor Laws shared that the Missionary Society of the A.M.E. Church began shortly after the birth of the Church in 1787 by Bishop Richard Allen and Absalom Jones. The Dorcas Society in the early 1800’s began mending the traveling preachers’ garments and assisted others in need. Pastor Laws expressed that the E.M. Williams Society at Greater Allen is continuing that ministry by providing food, clothing, visitation etc. throughout the local community, nationally and internationally.
The Mission Benediction song was sung to conclude the Hattitude and remind those attending to remain Mission Conscious to the needs of people near and far. “In the name of the Triune God, May the Spirit of Christian Missions Enter Every Heart, this we ask in Jesus Name, Amen.”