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My Community Cares: Care Day 2019

It is said in the world today that “Our misery becomes our ministry.” Others say that “Our misery, becomes our mission.” Pastors and their spouses are not exempt from this rule. Especially not Pastors Jarvis and Elois Wash of the REAL Church in Cocoa Florida. They are real people, pastoring a real church, in the real world.
Pastor Jarvis said that 19 days prior to Care Day, the Lord laid it upon his heart, to love those who have lost loved ones. This was not an easy task, being that they pastor in a community that has suffered much loss in the past seven years that they have been there. They assembled a list of children that have lost parents, due to violence, murder, even illness. They came up with 35 children. African-American, Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic…because death does not discriminate…including their own granddaughter. Pastor Jarvis had shared by video on social media, that on May 14th, 2004 he received a call from his wife screaming that “Dude had been shot.” Their own 19-year-old son Dude, had been shot in the head, and left behind a six-month-old daughter who never knew her father. This hit home for them, Pastor Jarvis said they wanted to offer more than just finances but instead full wraparound services. This done by showing love through partnerships with organizations like Hospice of St. Francis, to offer counseling and support to youths and surviving parents such as Grief counseling, etc…
I personally believe that where God guides, he provides. We as people must be willing to take the charge and say yes. So with a “yes” in their hearts, Pastors Jarvis and Elois Wash, along with their Staff, their Church, and the Community, began to announce fundraisers.
My community caresbrevard .org Sponsorship page was advertised, with several upcoming events. First, a concert was held on Saturday, April 13th at 6 PM featuring King Allico’s “God w/us” album release. Second, was a kickball tournament held in Provost Park, Cocoa Florida on Palm Sunday, April 14th from 1 PM to 8 PM. 10 people per team amounts to $300 per team, you could sponsor a team or 10 people could pay $30 each and make up a team. Pastor Jarvis sponsored Team Dude, as one of the kickball teams to help support, and in honor of his son’s memory. There were also vendor opportunities at $75 per space. There were special sponsorship categories, Silver sponsorship of $1000; Gold sponsorship of $2500; and Platinum sponsorship of $5000. All proceeds would go to the children. It is said that “it takes a community to raise a child,” so the community came together to show love to the children. Lastly, was the Final Concert and Close out service. Where the checks would be given to the children, as they were surrounded in love, and covered in prayer.
There was an amazing youth group there, the Singing Sensations Community Choir of Baltimore. The pianist was a 16-year-old Musical genius that played several instruments. There was a drummer and Choir members ranging from ages five and up. This group of youths from up north, have toured the world performing in places like the Bahamas, Trinidad, as well as in a Jewish synagogue. They had been invited to Salt Lake, Utah to perform at the Mormon Tabernacle. They put on an amazing three-part show. Part I: performing songs like Old Freedom, Hold on Just a Little While Longer, and Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning. Part II: Was Motown, with solo performances. Percy Sledge singing “When a Man Loves a Woman”, serenaded the ladies in the audience. Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You”, and The Jackson 5 closing out part two with “I Want You Back”. Part III: Who Is Gospel with a solo performance of “Total Praise”, and “Days of Elijah”. The SSCB Choir is definitely worth keeping your ears open for their return.
Finally, each child’s name was called out by Pastor Jarvis Wash, and a little was told about each child as they received their large $500 paper check. They were directed up on the stage where pastors and leaders stood behind them. Pastor Grimes led the close out prayer as everyone held hands and surrounded the youth in love.
Pastor Jarvis Wash gave a shout out to Lewis Ray Mortuary, on his Facebook live for support earlier. Lady J was at the kickball tournament. Also Special thanks to attorney’s Alton Edwards, and Kendall Moore Esq. for their support. Two Cocoa leaders like Mayor Jake Williams, and Councilman Alex Goins. To everyone, everywhere that supported in any way “Thank You”, for it truly takes a Community!