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National Action Network Proposes Term Limits for County Positions County Commissioners Ignore Proposal

by Teri Jones

Commitment to the struggle of equality and transparency in government requires the National Action Network, led by President Reverend Johnnie Dennis, to asses and review government policies and procedures that may not or do not provide equitable representation to the community that these positions serve.  One year ago, the topic of county terms limits resulted in identification of four positions that do not have term limits in the county of Brevard.  These positions are:  Sherriff, Clerk of Courts, Property Appraiser and Tax Collector.  The concerns raised by the National Action Network are concerns which every citizen should take pause and consider.  Excessive and unlimited term positions may and will result in complacent and undesirable behavior.  Some examples are corruption – misuse of power, catering to special interest groups, and entrenchment of political biases.  As stated by Reverend Johnnie Dennis, “A political office should not be designed to be a rest home for career politician.”

On November 7, 2017, Reverend Dennis raised these concerns to the County’s Commissioners, as he did one year ago to the same body of elected officials.  This time his concerns were also echoed by Dan Vero who is a member of Represent Us, which is a civil rights organization. Both Reverend Dennis and Vero proposed a resolution of term limits for those county positions that do not have term limits.  The County Commissioners listened to the three minute presentations and without blinking an eye moved onto the next agenda item.  None of the five county commissioners seemed to take an interest in the topic and collectively disengaged from a topic most worthy of discussion.  Reverend Dennis shared that he believes the county commissioners are actively practicing biases towards his organization the National Action Network (NAN).   Unflustered by their lack of response, Reverend Dennis stated, “My next step will be to go to the Supervisor of Election, register as a political organization, and apply for the petition to put this concern on next year’s ballot.  He stated he will secure the required number of signatures and will let the people’s vote communicate their concerns on this very important topic.


Reverend Dennis stated that he feels concerns and allegations of bias are justified. During the past two years, he has not received feedback or action on three of his proposals that relate to change within the system.  All have been completely ignored.  One proposal was to implement a citizen review board for the county sheriff’s office.  A second proposal was to move the outdoor gun range in West Cocoa either indoors or at a different location due to the noise distraction and health related issues that are impacted from an outdoor range in a residential community.  The third issue on the table is the term limits proposal.  Reverend Dennis feels that the lack of response from the county commissioners is due to racial discrimination and internal corruption.  He mentioned several organizations that are standing behind his organization, National Action Network.  They are willing to join forces and pursue their honorable cause of pushing for term limits.  Further comments related to this article may be directed at Reverend Johnnie Dennis at (321) 240-4438.

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