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Parker Memorial Missionary Baptist Church held a Mortgage Burning

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, at 4 pm, Parker Memorial Missionary Baptist Church held a Mortgage Burning Ceremony at Parker Memorial Missionary Baptist Church to celebrate the payment in full of the beloved edifice and place of worship. The program began with an Opening Introduction by Sis Bernidine Franklin followed by a call to Worship by Brother Harold Tisdale, who encouraged the congregation, to sing, “We have come this far by faith.” Devotional Services were the lead by the Deacons of Chief Corner Stone M.B. Church with powerful songs such as “Victory is Mine”. Followed by the reading of the Word from Psalms 98:4. Finally, the Welcome and Occasion was presented by Deacon Clyde Mitchell of Parker Memorial M.B. Church who remarked, “It’s truly a blessing to be here today. We welcome you to fellowship with us and we welcome you to celebrate this significant occasion. PMMC was organized in March 1962. The church was named in honor of the late HD Parker, former member of Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church. There are several significant accomplishments we have attained by the Grace of God whom has allowed many of our visions to be fulfilled and we continue to give him praise. It was a cool day back in December 1996 when our new fellowship hall was anew. Now In October, 2018, the mortgage is paid in full. We’d like to thank everyone, especially our current Pastor Mitchell, as well as our former 8 pastors for being instrumental in getting us to this point”.
Congratulatory Expressions were presented by Wilhemena Holloway, Whispering Pines, Lakeview, Catalina Village from Neighborhood Association in Cocoa, Florida who exclaimed, God is my helper, trust no one but God as she brought greetings from Catalina Village, Neighborhood Association. She also Quoted: Matthew 16: 18; and shared her thoughts on PMBC continuing to be an inspiration to our community by witnessing to people and mingling and ministering to our young brothers and sisters.
Alberta Wilson, National Congress of Black Women, Inc., NAACP, one of the Speakers of the evening shared how mortgages are not designed to be paid off which is why she deemed this an honor to celebrate with PMBC for achieving such a major feat, a major milestone, with the Lord smiling and granting PMBC favor. She stated, “You have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord and trusting in his holy word. He has never left you, nor will he ever fail you. This is a celebratory event! Few people can say that they have paid off their mortgage. Thanks for inviting us to this celebration. To God be the glory”. Clarence Whipple, Cocoa City Councilman, District 1, Former Deputy Mayor of the City of Cocoa
Who also rejoiced in the celebration proclaimed; “this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it”. He greeted the members in the pulpit and the congregation and thanked them for the invitation. “As Mrs. Wilson says, mortgages are not designed to be paid off”. Thank you Jesus for what you are doing”. He also read a letter from the Mayor of the City of Cocoa. Dated September 28, 2018.
In closing, Rev. Dupree Williams, Chief Corner Stone Missionary Baptist Church stated we are here to celebrate and have a good time in the Lord and thanks for allowing us to come and join in on the celebration. The theme of the sermon was The Cost of Commitment. He also challenged all to seek 3 calls.
Commit to personal growth – We are called to commit ourselves as disciples. We have to come to church being open like an empty glass, ready to be filled. That’s how you conquer to make leaps. We have to learn how to be learners. Make a commitment to continue to grow spiritually. Be positive so that you can leap. Come to Sunday school and bible study. Stop having excuses to get in the way.
Be committed to the local body – You have to be here for your brother. When they say they almost had it, you have to be there to uplift that brother. God wants us to take priority into corporate worship. We have to keep coming together as a local body.
Commit to ministry – Stop having all these clubs in the church before a ministry. Having ministries in the church, means that you know where you are. You are actively using your talents for a service. Ministries means putting those things to work.