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Photographer captures 28 Days of Black Hair


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A local photographer created a 28 Days of Black Hair project to show the different hairstyles from the African-American community.

Kori Price, the photographer behind the project, said her inspiration came from the questions everyone asked about her own hair.

“People are curious about my hair,” said Price. “When I went natural I used to get a lot of questions about how my hair does the things it does.”

Through her photos, she wanted to show that black hair can be worn in any form.

“It’s about showing the community what black hair is,” said Price.

She said it took her three months to complete her photography project.

She said she called black salons and barbershops to take her photos, and she even made a small studio in her home to take her photos.

Victoria Poitier, one of the models for Price’s project, said this project symbolizes what it means to be an African-American woman.

“It’s a sense of empowerment for African-Americans for our hair,” said Poitier. “Especially since we’ve been beat down about it for so long.”

Through her lens, Price hopes to empower everyone to love themselves.

“No matter who you are or what you look like or what your background is, I want when you see the work to feel a sense of pride in yourself and for you to love yourself and love the way that you look,” said Price.

Price will be releasing a photo every day in February on her social media sites.

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