Sutton Properties Provides Scholarship Opportunities to RN Students

Sutton Properties Supports Workforce Development by Assisting METCA Students”

by Teri Jones

The first LPN to RN Transition class of Educare Envision College of Nursing (Administrators, Dr. Paulette Howell and Ms. Jeanette Thompson) received a pleasant surprise of two large scholarship awards due to the generosity of a compassionate, community resident in Melbourne, Florida. The second semester of training was fast approaching for this class, and the time was approaching for second semester tuition payments. The six -student classroom learned that they would have the opportunity to compete for two scholarships, each amounting to $5,000 (five-thousand dollars). This amount would cover their second semester tuition and two-thirds of their third semester tuition. The ladies got busy and submitted thoroughly completed scholarship applications, but only two students were eligible for the awards.

The two RN recipients, determined by a scholarship committee, were Valerie St. Fort Colin and Fabiola Labonte. Students who did not get scholarships for their second semester will have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship for their third semester. This significant opportunity is a direct result of Sutton Properties gifting the METCA/MCDC program scholarship funds for their healthcare program/students. “It was an easy decision to extend this gift onto the LPN to RN transition students,” stated Ms. Teri. “I knew they did not have scholarship resources from workforce agencies within the community, and that the RN training is a costly endeavor for low-income students. Given the cost and lack of financial support, the RN students were a perfect match for the Sutton Properties scholarship.”

“Our goal is to attract more benefactors to help these dedicated RN students with the cost of their healthcare training. Brevard County like other counties throughout Florida is stressed by not having adequate numbers of healthcare providers or institutions to train and fill the gapping divide. The call for nurses in Brevard County is great, but the opportunities for those without the financial means are minimized by prohibitive barriers,” shared Ms. Teri. METCA and the MCDC appreciate the opportunity to award the Sutton Properties scholarships to hard-working and deserving nursing students! Please contact METCA at (321) 626-6571, if you would like to gift our LPN or LPN to RN students, or if you would like more information about METCA health care programs. Our website is