The Importance of Performing Hair Consultations in Salons

The Importance of Performing Hair Consultations in Salons

When it comes to cutting hair, the first thing that every aspiring hairdresser learns is that no two peoples’ needs are the same. This means that even when different individuals want the same style and cut, the way that the artist will go about creating it will still vary. Despite this understanding, however, it’s more common than you may think for salons to skip the consulting process in the interest of saving time. This is the importance of performing hair consultations in salons and how this step contributes to your success as a stylist.

Fosters Stylist and Client Communication

The primary purpose of holding hair cutting consultations before every appointment is to establish an open field of communication between yourself and your client. In making them feel comfortable talking to you, they’re more likely to be upfront about what they do and don’t want during their visit. This comfort will also carry over into the styling process itself, as your client will be more willing to ask questions and describe their desired look. So, make sure you’re utilizing several ways to make the most of this time and gathering as much information as possible.

Creates an Ongoing Client Record

The importance of performing hair consultations in salons also becomes apparent when you consider how it establishes client history. After all, these meetings aren’t strictly reserved for new clients. In fact, we recommend that you perform a consultation prior to every appointment so you can familiarize yourself with a person’s past hair issues. This also allows you to obtain updated info about the client’s current hair care regimen.

Protects the Salon From a Lawsuit

Quality hair consultations can save you from future legal troubles as well. Though it’s rare that clients will get upset enough to want to sue, it’s important that you always have the proper documentation to protect yourself should the need arise. Consultations not only allow you to talk about the client’s desired style but to also put into writing what is and isn’t realistic in regards to their hair. This will act as a contract that proves you didn’t take any action outside of the client’s wishes.

Increases Salon Success Rate

Most importantly, consultations are shown to greatly improve client retention rates and overall satisfaction. This is because they make individuals feel as though you’re seriously taking their needs into account. With more focus placed on certain client desires, you’ll be able to produce results closer to their vision. Over time, this can improve your reputation in the industry and keep people coming back to your salon for future style changes.