The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Glamping

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Glamping

Traditional camping is so old school. Nowadays, people have gotten more used to the idea of “glamping,” aka glamourous camping. The reason the activity is so popular is that it combines folks’ love of nature with their admiration for modern everyday life. Anyone who wants to give this pastime a try should read this beginner’s guide to glamping, so they know how to get started.

Choose the perfect spot

Choosing the right location is one of the most important steps in planning a glamping trip because it helps make the experience more enjoyable. Even though glamping is more modern than old school camping, everyone should try their best to enjoy nature during one of these excursions. That’s why the more gorgeous the camping spot, the better. People shouldn’t forget to frequently charge their phones throughout their trip, so they can take plenty of like-worthy pics while they’re away.

Technology is welcome

Speaking of charging cell phones, those going on glamping trips should embrace technology during the adventure. Outdoor-enthusiasts ought to research glamping-friendly products such as wireless chargers and portable DVD players before they head out. Remember, glamping is all about blending the old with the new. Thus, campers don’t need to be embarrassed about wanting to bring a portable coffee maker on their excursions.

What about cooking?

Many folks love camping because it gives them a chance to prepare their own food in a way they couldn’t do at home. You can still take on the task while glamping, but you can be a little more creative with technology by your side. For example, campers can invest in a portable air fryer, so they don’t have to wait as long to cook things over a fire. Another pro tip is to put a new spin on old treats. Folks can do a little prep beforehand and start making fancy s’mores with edible gold leaf at home. Nothing will taste better than homemade marshmallows while enjoying an incredible view.

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to glamping for those wanting to try something a little different this fall. Everyone’s cabin fever is out of control this year because of the pandemic. Luckily, glamping is the perfect socially-distant activity for folks who need a change of pace.