Tips for Starting an Online Business

Tips for Starting an Online Business

Online businesses are booming in the wake of COVID-19 stay-at-home and social distancing orders. If you’ve been looking into building an online business or transitioning your brick-and-mortar business online, there is research to be done. Here are a few often forgotten tips for starting an online business.   

Build an Inviting and Functional Website  

One of the earliest steps in creating an online business is creating a solid website. Building a website is not just about having a domain to hold your products and business information. Your website should amplify your business’s brand, messaging, and vision. Use copy, interactive models, and imagery to build an overall essence for you and your brand. Don’t get too carried away with these aspects, though. Be sure that your website is functional and easy to navigate. Give visitors a clear pathway of navigation throughout your pages and make your products easy to find and buy.  

Write Copy That Sells Your Product for You  

Compelling copy is imperative to your website. Unlike in a storefront or face-to-face interaction, you do not get the opportunity to sell the customer your product by catering to their individual needs and responses. Write copy that builds interest in your products, describes why customers need the product, why it is the superior or the only choice they should consider, and provide urgency for the sale. Not every user is going to visit your website with the same ideas you have about your products, it is your copy’s job to convince them they are unique, must-have products.

Utilize Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing  

Create a subscription option for visitors on your website to opt-in to email notifications about your business. This tool will be a great marketing asset as you can email customers about sales, show off products they’ve shown interest in, and continue to build a relationship with them. Email marketing is low-cost and highly effective. Because of its high targetability, it can also be easily measured. Social media marketing is another cheap way to market your business and easily track metrics and performance.   

Have a Fulfillment Plan  

If your site offers e-commerce, a fulfillment plan needs to be set in place before sales are made. Fulfillment plans include picking, packaging, and shipping your products. While customers will want cheap and quick service, as a new online business, you’ll certainly want to keep costs low. There are various types of fulfillment options to cater to your individual needs.

Staring an online business requires many moving parts to come together successfully. Creating a functional and inviting website, using compelling copy and marketing tactics, and having a fulfillment plan ready are a few tips for starting an online business to keep in mind.