US Census Walk

The Melbourne-Palm Bay Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Sorority Inc. and other Organizations walked Door to Door to get residents to return their survey for the US Census. The Walk was kicked off by Mayor Kathy Meehan. The chapter would like to thank her for her presence, as well as Councilwoman Yvonne Minus and James Minus, the South Area NAACP President and other leaders.

As a longtime Community Activist and a member of the Melbourne-Palm Bay Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Sandra Pelham knows the needs of her community and her Neighbors, and how funding those needs are tied to the US Census.

So after she learned that certain parts of Melbourne and Palm Bay had not returned their surveys and was not going to be counted in the numbers for the Census, Pelham and her Sisters of Melbourne-Palm Bay Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., other organizations, and members of the Divine Nine decided to hit the streets of South Melbourne and Palm Bay to encourage residents to complete their survey or call the 800 number to be counted.

Due to COVID-19, and the Pandemic, many residents had not completed their survey or made a call to the 800 number to be counted. Everyone doesn’t understand that by completing the Census, funds will be distributed to the areas counted in the US Census to assist with programs like Head Start, K-12 Education, Special Education, WIC, K-12 Lunch Programs, Foster Care Grants, Medicaid, Hospitals and the list continues, even funds for COVID-19 and the Pandemic are included.

Pelham stated “We chose to come out and do this because we know Brevard County will lose money if these surveys are not completed or the 800 calls not made to the Census. If we don’t come up to par, we lose money.

With almost a third of people living in Brevard still not counted, Brevard County runs “The very risk of being severely underfunded for the upcoming decade”, stated Amanda Wilhelm, Correct Count for the Brevard Census Committee Project Manager.

Amanda Wilhelm stated, “She gives Big Credit to Pelham, Denise Carter with the City of Melbourne and the Ladies of Melbourne-Palm Bay Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta for leading the charge in a “Great Community Effort”.