One lucky Powerball winner has become an overnight multi-millionaire this month, after scooping the biggest jackpot of the year. However, after speaking to Ithuba about this win two weeks ago, few could have guessed how he’d spend his money. According to the Capetonian, he’ll now ‘exhume the bodies of his family’ – and return them to the Western Cape.

Biggest Powerball jackpot of 2021 won by Cape Town man

Of course, the family man has a few other plans – build a new home, invest the rest of their millions elsewhere – but his deep desire to bring home his deceased family members really tugs at the heartstrings. Ithuba have also confirmed that:

The man won a prize of R56 million on Tuesday 4 May.The winning ticket was purchased at OK Minimark in Thornton, Cape Town.He placed R45 on a manual selection ticket – winning back more than a million times his initial stake.Somewhat incredibly, the predictive player told Ithuba he only put his ticket on ‘hours before the draw was made’.

A totally unique way to spend your winnings…

Our anonymous winner also told the Lottery operating service that he has stuck with these numbers for the last seven months or so, and each pick represents ‘a significant date’ for him. Well, it was just written in the starts for this lad, wasn’t it? We hope he gets the closure he seeks, and he must enjoy the rest of the money left over from his priority expenses.

“I’ve played the same numbers since November last year. Each number represents a significant date in my life. We want to find the perfect plot of land to build our dream home and finally, to invest a significant portion of our winnings.”

“But first on my list of priorities is to exhume the bodies of my loved ones that have been laid to rest in other provinces and surrounding cemeteries in the Western Cape that are no longer well maintained, this will allow for me to secure a peaceful and final resting place for my family members.”

The South African