We’ve been waiting years for this – and if it’s ever going to happen, the time is now: There has been significant progress in the bid to bring the Gupta brothers back to South Africa, some three years after they hot-footed it to the United Arab Emirates. The billionaires are facing extradition back to Mzansi, thanks to a long-standing legal treaty.

Will the Guptas come back to South Africa?

Both SA and the UAE have an extradition agreement in place. Yes, it has taken an age to get to this point, but both countries are in the process of ratifying the international agreement. In summary, the Arab nation is preparing to fill out the paperwork that will deliver the sought-after fugitives back to our shores…

SA Justice Minister Ronald Lamola is expected to brief the nation on the ratification of the treaties of extradition between SA and UAE, SA wants to extradite the Gupta family believed to be in UAE and they have been implicated on state capture. It’s going to happen at 7am.

— KhayelihleKhumalo (@KhayaJames) June 10, 2021

Gupta brothers latest: State capture masterminds ‘cornered’

An early morning briefing from Justice Minister Ronald Lamola on Friday is likely to bring some much-needed good news to a country that’s just entered its third wave of COVID-19, and has an energy provider that can’t keep the lights on. Getting the Guptas back to South Africa would be a major achievement at the best of times – let alone desperate ones.

Extradition treaties don’t just grant countries the right to deport who they want. A firm body of evidence has to be established by the side looking to secure a conviction. With the State Capture Inquiry now concluding its business, the written report from the Commission is likely to heavily implicate the Guptas as the ‘architects’ of state corruption.

It’s fair to say, excitement is now building in SA…

Former ANC Minister Derek Hanekom said that ‘the Gupta brothers belong in orange overalls’ on Thursday.This delightfully cynical tone was shared by OUTA, who pinned their hopes on SA ‘holding the Guptas accountable’.However, it was the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation creating the most fanfare – they held a picket at the UAE embassy on Thursday…

We are joined by members of the public in taking a firm stand against the criminal brigade, calling for the #Guptas to be extradited from UAE! Comrade @RevFChikane says the #Gupta family has messed with the wrong country pic.twitter.com/QlMhxnhGaQ

— Kathrada Foundation (@KathradaFound) June 10, 2021 The South African