The Mdantsane Regional Court has sentenced a 34-year old serial rapist to 20 years in jail for the rape of an 18-year-old girl at Kei Mouth. 

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson for the Eastern Cape Anelisa Ngcakani said Yandisa Mboteni had been sentenced for the rape which occurred in December 2012.

“On that fateful evening, the teenage girl had just come from a night out with friends when Mboteni knocked at the door and pretended to be her friend,” Ngcakani said.

“When the door opened, he wielded a knife at the teenager, ordered her to look in the opposite direction and undress. Mboteni held the knife to her neck and raped her from behind,” Ngcakani said.

“The victim’s mother and her friend watched helplessly while the child was being raped,” Ngcakani said.

Ngcakani said Mboteni had committed the crime not long after he was released from jail after completing a 10-year prison term for rape. 

“Moreover, he raped another victim when he was released on bail for the December 2012 rape case,” Ngcakani said.

He was sentenced to 15 years in 2019 for the rape he committed while he was out on bail.

The prosecutor, Khotso Seitlheko argued that Mboteni should be seen as a serial rapist and that he had not only assaulted the dignity of the victim but also that of the mother who could only watch helplessly as her daughter was being raped. 

“He further said that the accused had shown no remorse throughout the trial, therefore, for purposes of sentence, the court should show no mercy,” Ngcakani added.

The South African