May 29, 2024

Howard University student who asked for financial help gets $22K from Kyrie Irving

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Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving once again performed a kind and generous act after he donated $22,000 to help a young Howard University student continue her education at the historically Black school. According to New York Post, Irving, 30, donated the money without any publicity whatsoever.

The student who appealed for financial help was identified as Destiny Thompson. The Civil Engineering and Mathematics student initially set up a GoFundMe to help raise $6,000 for her tuition at the school. But Irving’s huge donation meant his fellow New Jersey native received even more than she initially wanted. 

After she became aware of the money raised, Thompson shared an emotional Facebook post expressing gratitude to everyone who donated. “I cried just a lot of tears,” the Howard University student said in the video. “I’m at work, y’all. I don’t understand, like, I can’t really wrap my head around how like generous people can be. I am so thankful for everybody that shared it, everybody that had liked, commented and gave me encouraging words, and just kind of helped me keep going and essentially.

“I’m just so, so happy, and I’m so thankful. I never thought in a million years that anybody would give me anything, and I’m so super grateful. And I want to say thank you 1,000 times for blessing me like this Mr. Kyrie Irving. I really don’t know. I’m in shock still. I’m at work wiping down registers.”

Irving’s donation adds up to several other acts of generosity that he has performed. As previously reported by Face2Face Africa, the 30-year-old NBA champion bought a home for George Floyd’s family in the wake of the Black man’s murder. The news of the home purchase was shared by former NBA star and Floyd’s friend, Stephen Jackson.

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