May 29, 2024

Jay-Z’s Lyrics From “Justify My Thug,” “Hovi Baby,” and More on Display in Front of Brooklyn Public Library

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The library celebrated hip-hop’s 50th anniversary with a “Night at the Library” event in June.

Jay-Z made a career off memorable lyrics, and now they’re being celebrated with a full-blown display in front of the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL).

Earlier this week, a video surfaced online of the Brooklyn rap legend’s lyrics being posted on the library’s facade. In the clip, a car is zooming down Eastern Parkway, with the driver arriving upon a group of workers laying down the new display with Jay-Z’s “What More Can I Say” playing in the background. 

Various bars from songs in Hov’s catalog, including “Hovi Baby,” “Sweet,” “Encore,” “Justify My Thug,” and more are featured in this new project. There’s no word on the project’s origins, but people believe it’s part of the BPL’s ongoing celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary

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