July 13, 2024

Virginia nominates first Black state House speaker

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By: Ned Oliver

Virginia Democrats in the House of Delegates chose Del. Don Scott as their speaker nominee in a caucus vote over the weekend.

Why it matters: Scott, a 58-year-old defense attorney of Portsmouth, is set to become the first Black person to lead the House in the state’s history.

What they’re saying: “I know there were so many other African American leaders … who were probably smarter than me, that were probably as tenacious and persistent as me. But they never got this opportunity because of their color,” Scott told the Washington Post. “I carry all of those people with me.”

  • House Democrats’ agenda for the next two years would include initiating three constitutional amendments addressing abortion, same-sex marriage and automatic restoration of voter rights, he told the AP.
  • Scott said Democrats also plan to send Gov. Glenn Youngkin bills raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and banning assault-style weapons.

House Republicans voted Sunday to keep outgoing House Speaker Todd Gilbert on as the caucus’ leader in the minority.

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